Rapid and relentless change that keeps upending the latest good thing presents terrific opportunities. But only the agile will thrive.


Counterintuitively, effective leaders in volatile times seek synergy: weigh up data and network intelligence against homegrown insights; tune capacity for impact and sustainability; bring out individual excellence and high-performance teams; and align innovation with mission integrity.


Equipping you for adaptive challenges in complex conditions is the core of our LEADERSHIP work.


We have made this our business for 28 years.

When the going gets tough, the Tough Gets Better


Future Proof

At Integrative, you acquire the adaptive tools to drive business excellence. You also develop grounding skills in emotional intelligence, empathy and communication.

Offering a multiplicity of skills for you to face off volatility and uncertainty while sustaining authenticity, connection and community is the core of our

To power up your learning experience, we bring onboard global experts who are practice and thought leaders using evidence-based methodologies.


28 years in the business of targeted training solutions:

40,000 courses; 82,000 participants


5,4/6 Trainers’ effectiveness

5,2/6 Meeting learning needs



Customised training in communication and relationship skills:

400 courses; 7,200 participants

By LTA, Applied Materials, CSC, MOE, MOH, HDB, CCF, AWWA, Mendaki, Gardens by the Bay, Sun-Dac ... and more.




Develop the skills and acumen that lie behind business excellence through our Management portfolio.


Our diversified - and expanding - range of programmes is purposed to support non-profit and private enterprise in meeting their general and specific training objectives.


We are comprehensively resourced to customise the training solutions that will help future proof your talent development.

New in Singapore


​Genuinely provide person-centred care in the home by developing and leading Wellbeing Teams. Learn the method from its developer, Helen Sanderson. Suitable for building teams, especially in healthcare and homecare.

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Alternatively, select a subject of interest from our catalogue or tell us about your particular subject of interest.
Let us help you plan the programme and development strategy that you need to future proof your talents.

  • Healthcare Consultancy

  • HR Consulting

  • Work-life Integration

  • Teambuilding

  • Sales Training Consultancy

  • Leadership

  • Performance Management

  • Personal Effectiveness

  • Physician Leadership

  • Organisational Development

  • Coaching and Mentoring

  • Financial and Strategic Management

  • Change Management

  • Creativity and Innovative Thinking

  • Customer Service

  • Breakthrough Management Skill


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