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Build Personal Resilience Workshop


Resilience training provides a common language for leaders and employees, enabling teams to align, collaborate and focus on what is most important. Help your people bounce, grow, connect and discover the productivity benefits of flow.

Currently there is no scheduled public workshop. Programme is available for customised in-house delivery.

Please contact Suriani at 6536 8860 for details. 

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  • Led by Dr Rinkoo Ghosh, specialist in effective oral and written communications, service management and delivery, empathy and personal resilience training, and certified consultant of The Resilience Institute.

  • Includes Resilience Diagnostics that delivers personalised results based on 60 factors that determine resilience.

  • Includes Resilience App (1-year subscription) that provides users with a personalised resilience action plan



None of us living today has ever experienced a health pandemic of such proportions, that pose existential threats on so many fronts. But in the face of adversity and stress, it is possible – through resilience training – to bounce back, carry through, and even thrive.

Investing in resilience training pays off in better work performance and organisational results; and in our own sense of balance and wellbeing, and preparedness to support others in the workplace, at home and in the wider community.

This programme has been designed and developed based on the scientific and medical research-based resilience work of The Resilience Institute.


Our resilience training consists of digital and facilitated programs that guide participants through an evidence-based framework of learning. This equips them with a set of skills to navigate change, stay well and perform at their best. By the end of the half-day workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Understand what is – and isn’t – resilience.

  2. Exercise mindfulness.

  3. Apply key techniques, such as managing overload and practising empathy and mental agility, to build personal resilience.

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The Resilience Diagnostics provides comprehensive insights into the wellbeing, resilience and effectiveness of your people. The assessment takes less than 8 minutes to complete and provides each participant with a personalised result, based on 60 factors that determine resilience, including:

  • mental health and ability to bounce

  • staying calm and managing stress

  • well-being and vitality, including sleep, nutrition and exercise

  • emotional intelligence including self-awareness, empathy and positivity

  • focus, influence, agility and decisiveness

  • purpose, trust and flow


Entry-level executives to new managers who would like to develop skills required towards personal resilience.


Save up to $161 by reserving your seats before 20 June!

Workshop fee includes Resilience Diagnostics + Resilience App.

After Early Bird Period
Early Bird Period
Standard Fee
*VWOs-Charities Capability Fund (VCF) Training Grant
**Community Care Training Grant (CCTG)

All prices stated include prevailing GST.

**Up to 90% workshop fee funding for AIC approved organisations.

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“There are many choices of programmes out there as to whatorganisations and individuals can do to be happier and more effective inthe workplace. If I could pick one to invest in, the Resilience Institutewould be it. Take the opportunity before someone else does!”

Mark Campbell

Group Corporate Relations Director, Heineken Asia Pacific


Dr Rinkoo Ghosh is a senior consultant, facilitator and coach on building resilience, emotional agility and empathy. She is passionate about supporting individuals and leaders in organisations to optimise stress and achieve performance. Rinkoo is currently an Accredited Facilitator with The Resilience Institute, SE Asia. She combines empathy, resilience, EQ frameworks to support individuals and leaders in organisations to optimise stress and achieve performance.


Before joining The Resilience Institute, Rinkoo worked for the Singapore Public Service for 26 years as a Principal Consultant and Learning Strategist/Specialist. She offers varied learning interventions and solutions for public sector agencies (ministries & statutory boards) and the social sector and private sector. She has trained 5000 public sector staff/senior managers (both local and international) such as HDB, AIC, SLA, MOM, MSF, MHA(Home Team Academy), JTC, NUS, Sentosa Development Corporation and many others. She has also conducted learning and performance consulting projects for Ghana, Macau, Mauritius and Thailand. In addition, Rinkoo has delivered several Resilience and Empathy keynotes and virtual/ face to face workshops for the public sector and social sector agencies.


Rinkoo is accredited in Learning Organisation & Change Management and holds a Graduate Diploma in Learning & Development with the Civil Service College/Public Service Division. She is also a Specialist Adult Educator (SAE) with the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL-SUSS) and versed in oral/written communications.


Rinkoo holds a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) from UNSW Australia. She also holds a Bachelors in Journalism from Australia and a Master in Mass Communications from Oklahoma State, USA.


Rinkoo believes in social work and in helping others to live a graceful life. She has been the sole caregiver to her parents last 12 years and serves in voluntary organisations such as the Singapore Sree Narayana Mission (SNM) and Caregiver Alliance, Singapore. 



The Resilience Institute is a globally trusted partner for research-based resilience solutions. The Resilience Institute was founded in 2002. Their mission is to deliver high impact, practical, evidence-based and integrated Resilience training by bringing together modern preventative medicine, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, and neuroscience.

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