Communication with Empathy Workshop


Learn the influential art of communicating with empathy to develop trust with your coworkers and other stakeholders, and manage complexities by recognising unmet needs and issues in written and verbal communications.

Date & Time: 17 & 18 June | Day 1: 9AM to 1PM & Day 2: 9AM to 4PM

Venue: Online via Zoom

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  • Led by Dr Rinkoo Ghosh, specialist in effective oral and written communications, service management and delivery, empathy and personal resilience training, and certified consultant of The Resilience Institute.

  • Develop the right voice, style, tone and mood through writing for various personas.

  • Participate in real-life simulations that puts theory into action accompanied by facilitator debrief.

  • Pre-approved VCF funding of up to 45% available for charities. 

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As we embrace the evolution of our workplace - from physical spaces to a virtual world, how can you effectively build trust and respect with your colleagues, subordinates and clients, addressing hidden emotional signals while also listening and showing genuine interest in their needs and expectations?

During this unprecedented crisis of a generation, empathy is the key to gaining reader buy-in in your writing, be it an email, mass notification or any correspondence. We tend to mistake empathy for sympathy, but there is a big difference. Sympathy is feeling sorry for another; empathy means understanding their thoughts and feelings. It means putting yourself in the other person’s shoe whom you are communicating with, and writing in a way that shows you resonate with them.

In this highly engaging and hands-on workshop, learn the influential art of communicating with empathy to develop trust with your coworkers and other stakeholders, and manage complexities by recognising unmet needs and issues in written and verbal communications.


By the end of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  1. Recognise the essence of empathy when interacting with colleagues and other stakeholders.

  2. Manage complexities by recognising unmet needs.

  3. Apply key empathy techniques to manage concerns.

  4. Demonstrate key empathy writing principles through your correspondences with the public and stakeholders.

  5. Discern the unmet needs and issues implied in the correspondent's written communications.

  6. Nuance correspondence by embedding empathy in your writing.


All job roles from executive directors to social workers.


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17 Jun (9AM to 1PM) & 18 Jun (9AM to 4PM)



Dr Rinkoo Ghosh is an associate trainer and consultant with Integrative Learning Corporation and a freelance consultant and trainer for the Singapore public sector, and more recently, private sector. She specialises in effective oral and written communications, service management and delivery empathy and personal resilience training. Some of her public sector clients include Ministry of Manpower, Public Utilities Board, Singapore Land Authority, Land Transport Authority, Ministry of Social and Family Development, Majlis Ugama (MUIS), Home Team Academy, and The Sentosa Development Corporation.


She is passionate about helping individuals and organisations build resilience and agility to optimise performance for themselves. Rinkoo is currently an Accredited Facilitator with The Resilience Institute, SE Asia. She combines empathy, resilience, EQ frameworks to support individuals and leaders in organisations to optimise stress and achieve performance.

Rinkoo has been working for the Singapore Public Service, namely Civil Service College, for the past 26 years as an HRD Practitioner, Principal Learning and Development Specialist, Consultant and Facilitator. She offers learning interventions and solutions for all public sector agencies (ministries & statutory boards) and the private sector. She is also currently an Associate Trainer and Consultant with both the Civil Service College and Integrative Learning Corporation Pte Ltd, where she offers customised learning solutions for social sector agencies. She has trained executives, managers, and leaders in various fields of domain beyond Resilience and Empathy. These include Learning & Development, Service Delivery/Customer Service, HR, Leadership/Management and Oral or Written Communications. Prior to becoming a facilitator and consultant, Rinkoo held professional positions as a Commissioning Editor in a few publishing and printing multinational & government-linked organisations.

Rinkoo holds a Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) from New South Wales University, Australia. She also holds a Bachelor of Arts (Mass Communication) from Australia, and a Master of Arts in Mass Communication from Oklahoma State University, USA. She is accredited with the Certificate in Change Management (Peter Senge: Learning Organisation) and holds a Graduate Diploma in Training & Development with the Civil Service College. She is a Specialist Adult Educator (SAE) with the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL-SUSS) certified with ACLP, an accredited 7 Habits and Mind Mapping Trainer, a Certified EQ Trainer and Action Learning Coach (Roffey Park, UK).


In her spare time, Rinkoo serves as an active member of the HR Committee Board of the Sree Narayana Mission (SNM). She also offers training in Empathy/Personal Effectiveness for Autistic ITE/Polytechnic students. She has an avid interest in social service work as she has been the sole caregiver for her parents for the last eight years. Rinkoo was former President of the ASTD (now ATD) between 2012-2014. She has a strong passion for learning and growth.


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"I feel that Rinkoo is my main motivating factor in enjoying the course and having the desire to learn. She is very encouraging and was able to demonstrate role plays and examples very effectively, which made the workshop very engaging. Thank you Rinkoo!"

Adeline Chee

Assistant Manager

National University of Singapore