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Embracing Technological Changes at the Workplace


Learn how to use technological skills and different digital platforms to boost your organisation for success.

Understand how technology aids can be used and how to maximise its productivity in the workplace. 

Dates & Time: 30 & 31 May 2022


Venue: Online via Zoom

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  • Led by Mr Enrico Varella , specialist in change management & performance management, and Mr Lawrence Luan, CEO of Octopus8, specialist in technology implementation and project and program management.

  • Designed to understand the application and use of technology grants and resources to fit your purpose and make technology work for your organisation.

  • Develop project management skills using technology

  • Pre-approved VCF funding of up to 80% available for charities.

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If technology is really so great, so helpful and so enabling, why do so many managers have war stories about how difficult it can be to get their people to embrace it when it’s here to stay? Why is it that, despite all the obvious benefits and funding given by NCSS and Toteboard, SSAs are still worried and reluctant to embrace it completely?​


The crux of the matter is:

  • While most decisions about technology in the workplace are made on a rational basis, what is rational to you may not be rational to others.

  • People quite often change their minds, going from acceptance to resistance and back again. People change their minds all the time, so they obviously do the same with new technologies. So, this ding-donging is very exhausting, and you would want to give up or stop at your entry level.

  • While the funders can provide a very comprehensive range of tech support from subsidies to advisory and digital implementation consultancy and digital planning, this does not address the need of SSAs sufficiently.

  • Every SSA has different needs and digital focuses, so supplying a fast and simple solution to the problem will only make them question whether you understand their problems and needs. The solution lies in involving their people (management and users), which takes time, effort and commitment.

This workshop aims to help charities to have a practical understanding and confidence on how to introduce technology to their workplace for success or back paddle them to review their understanding of the need and use of technology in their organisation and how to use grants and get consultants to help them fix problems.


Your deep appreciation of the methods and understanding of technology in your workplace is essential so that you do not end up with different piece meal approaches and bear unnecessary technological costs after the funds end. For you to succeed you or/and your staff must have good understanding of your needs over the coming years, staying committed to the change and owning the journey.


By the end of the workshop, participants will learn:

  1. How to lead from change to growth mindset towards new workplace technology

  2. How to keep stakeholders engaged and ways to consistently agree that technology is worthwhile

  3. Discover or reaffirm your objectives, need for digital strategy, and set up a workable roadmap

  4. Learn a three-step approach to reviewing your need and what level of technology change will fit your organisation's needs

  5. Identify and create a foundational solution guide

  6. List their digital skills enhancement based on solution guide

  7. Steps to create a technology project management process

  8. Identify your technology priority and trade-offs

  9. Develop a solution shortlist

  10. How to apply and use technology grants and resources to fit your purpose and make technology work for you and your SSA


CEO, COO, Directors, Head of IT department and executives, HR and Corporate Services department


Save up to $321 by reserving your seats before 11 March!

Group Discount: Sign up 3 or more pax and receive a $300 discount off per pax (before GST).

Fee Options
After Early Bird
Early Bird
**Community Care Training Grant (CCTG)
*VWOs-Charities Capability Fund (VCF) Training Grant
Standard Fees

All prices stated include prevailing GST.

*Up to 80% seminar fee funding for NCSS member agencies.

**Up to 90% seminar fee funding for AIC approved organisations.



30 & 31 May 2022, 9AM to 5PM


Enrico Varella is a Managing Consultant with Integrative Learning Corporation Pte Ltd. He has extensive cross-border experience, having trained in 20 countries including Singapore, India, Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia since 1993. He is fluent in English, Mandarin and Chinese dialects.

His key competencies are in change management, performance management, human capital development, communication and interpersonal skills, coaching, creative thinking skills, leadership skills and building high performance teams.


Enrico graduated with a Master of Education (Educational Leadership & Management) from RMIT and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology from University of Southern Queensland. He is a certified Master Practitioner in NLP and a Licensed E. O. M. Trainer and Modeler-To- Mentoring.

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Lawrence Luan is the CEO of Octopus8, a local social enterprise that provides technology solutions to the social service agencies and SMEs in Singapore.

Lawrence has 13 years of experience in technology implementation and project management; business process outsourcing; stakeholder management; recruitment; and program management with a fortune 500 MNC.

He has successfully delivered complex projects with clients from non-for-profit organisations, government agencies and multinational companies.

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