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Improvisational Theatre Workshop

Social worker - Deep Dive through Thinking on Your Feet!

Though social workers follow shared theories and methods, improv helps them adjust to a given situation when they find themselves interacting on-the-spot with their clients

Date & Time: 29 & 30 Nov, 9AM to 5PM

Venue: Online via Zoom

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  • Led by Grace Chng who is qualified and experienced corporate trainer and communications specialist, with experience across a diverse range of industries globally.

  • By utilising the diverse experience of the learners, we will help learners understand the current state of play, opportunities for improvement and how they can incorporate their learnings at work.

  •  Training consists of team-building exercises, real life scenarios and case studies, group discussions and self-reflection.


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Improvisational theatre, often called improv, is the form of theatre which most of what is performed is unscripted and created spontaneously by performers. And because it is unplanned and in-the-moment, improv performers are trained in skills including collaboration, teamwork, and the technique of being present. One of the principles of improv is “Yes And”, which is critical for developing good listening skills, building on someone’s ideas, and keeping an open mind.

It is used in psychotherapy as a tool to gain insight into a person's thoughts, feelings, and relationships. In addition, improv has been used to train social workers to handle challenging situations

For the past three decades or so, studies have shown that improv workshop can help service providers better understand social behaviours and improve decision-making skills under pressure. It’s Think on your Feet for Social Workers.



During a deep dive with clients, SWPs might experience different issues which crop up in their interaction. Improv skills help SWPs to think in the moment, adjust to any given situation, address new issues which have arisen, and explore a variety of factors that might have worked together to result in client’s situation.


Through improv games, players learn to trust their instincts while receiving the affirmation that it is ok to make mistakes. This helps SWPs to have the courage and resilience to overcome roadblocks during their interaction with clients, resulting in more exhaustive investigations.


Yes And” is an improv technique used for validating someone else’s experience, feelings, and reality. By validating the client’s reality and showing that he or she is truly heard, clients open up to the questions fielded by the SWPs. By exploring the client’s reality instead of shying away from it, the SWP practises non-judgement and empathy, resulting in clients becoming more candid and sharing deeper issues


  • Social Workers, Counsellors, Therapists, and especially Social Workers working in FSCs

  • Currently predominantly reactive and need to be more proactive in identifying root causes beyond symptoms presented

  • As assumptions and expectations can affect output, keeping an open mind is critical when interacting with low-income and vulnerable individuals and families


Save up to $150 by reserving your seats by 2 Nov.

Group Discount: For every 3 pax registered, $200 off per pax.

Fee Options
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**Community Care Training Grant (CCTG)

All prices stated exclude prevailing GST.

**Up to 90% seminar fee funding for AIC approved organisations


29 & 30 Nov 9AM to 5PM


Grace Chng is a qualified and experienced corporate trainer and communications specialist, with experience across a diverse range of industries globally. Also a trained improv actor and stand-up comedian, Grace leverages on her improvisational and communication skills to optimise training delivery outcomes. In addition to training, her career has included conference planning and management, marketing, partnership development and journalism.


Some of her key competencies include improvisational acting, corporate training and facilitating using asynchronous and synchronous delivery modes, workplace coaching and assessment, presenting, and hosting. Her skills also include written and oral communication, management of teams in many geographies and cultures, partnership development, and conference management.

grace chng.jpg

Grace’ participants appreciate her enthusiasm, commitment and ability to make learning enjoyable. Her improv skills help to allow her participants feel at ease, leading them to share their personal insights and experiences candidly. Her “say yes attitude” is infectious, allowing her participants to try new activities out of their comfort zone and learn new skills.


Grace has facilitated face to face and online training sessions for MNCs such as Danaher and Leica on diversity and inclusion programmes. She has also conducted training for clients from the Transport, Retail, and F&B sectors including Dubai Airport, Van Cleef & Arpels and MMI to improve communication, customer service and sales techniques. In addition, she has delivered training using improv for a humanitarian organization on developing an effective investigative methodology for sexual exploitation.


Grace has acted in 200+ improvised shows in the Middle East and Singapore, and performed at 170+ standup comedy shows across major cities including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Reykjavik, London and Singapore.


Grace is a Corporate Trainer, Actor and Comedian. She is certified in the following: WSQ Advanced Certificate in Learning & Performance (Singapore), Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Australia) and Diploma in Mass Communication (Singapore).

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