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Leading the Fundraising Charge, The Summit


This summit is designed for organisations that have undergone the earlier Leading the Fundraising Charge (LFRC) seminar and can now advance their fundraising success to its next strategic level. The LFRC alumni will come together to again share, learn and lead the fundraising charge taking into consideration the new developments and possibilities for the future.

23 & 24 Mar 2023

9:00 to 5:00 pm

Hilton Singapore Orchard/Online

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  • Led by Usha Menon who brings a wealth of multi-country experience, expertise and insights over 30 years of work, and Dr Tan Bee Wan, former Executive Director of Community Chest Singapore.

  • You will have dialogue with COC representative on the new regulations and rules in fundraising.

  • Tap on the experiences of our LFRC alumni along with guest speakers, and cause ambassadors on insights and tips in keeping the cause alive 



  1. Analyse your fundraising portfolio to escalate with intentionality your performance to the highest level.

  2. Evaluate donor engagement and recognition processes to boost them to be lifetime donors.

  3. Sharing of innovative fundraising strategies by guest speakers and alumni.

  4. Create a collaborative fundraising strategy with action plans for ODG funding (optional depending on common interests’ groups)


In this highly interactive, motivational, and experiential 2-day LFRC Summit, you will be having dialogues with:

  • Donors, on their aspirations and motivation in giving, and what they look for in charitable giving.

  • Cause ambassadors on insights and tips in keeping the cause alive.

  • Alumni, on fundraising portfolios to learn new possibilities and identify strengths and gaps.

  • Fundraisers, on fundraising structures, that help or hinder success.

  • COC representative on the new regulations and rules in fundraising

Day 1

  1. Building from where you are, to the next level of fundraising competencies 

  2. Maximise your fundraising performance through systematic donor engagement 

  3. Deep-dive session 

  4. How to become a long-term partner to your donor’s aspirations 

Day 2

The Power of Collective Fundraising begins with a collection of muffins coming together to bake a huge cake for the hungry!

1. Introduction to Day 2 objectives and agenda

2. What is collective impact and its power of change?

3. Using SWOT to identify our portfolio of giving 

4. Applying the BCG Matrix, the most well-known model in Portfolio Analysis for the fund-raising strategy for each cause. 

5. Creating the narrative for the collaboration

6. Let the collaboration begin! 

Summary and Conclusions
Programme Evaluation


Fo​r enquiries or to reserve your places for the upcoming Leading the Fundraising Charge Summit, please call 6536 8860 or email


Participants who are interested in the summit should first attend the Leading the Fundraising Charge seminar (up to 80% VCF funding available for NCSS member agencies).


Usha Menon is Executive Chairman of Usha Menon Management Consultancy, an international training and consultancy service that works exclusively with the nonprofit and social service sectors across Asia. Specialising in leadership, strategy, fundraising and philanthropy, Usha brings a wealth of multi-country experience, expertise and insights garnered over the past 30 years.

She has curated and authored chapters in the recently launched “Global Best Practices for CSO, NGO and Other Nonprofit Boards”, published by Wiley/Board Source and has collaborated with the National University of Singapore’s Centre for Social Development Asia (CSDA) to launch Singapore’s first Exploratory Studies on Fundraising Practices, with a focus on the Health, Social and Welfare sectors.


Usha Menon also collaborated with fundraising experts globally, to bring Global Fundraising: How the world is changing the rules of philanthropy which won the Cause Plane’s Choice Award for Top Non-profit Book for 2015 and the Skystone Prize - a prestigious US award in philanthropy.

Usha is one of Asia’s leading bloggers, sharing non-profit sector insights and observations regularly through her blog Asian Insights many of which are translated by capability building entities in Japan, China and Germany.


Dr Tan Bee Wan is a social worker, social entrepreneur, lecturer and consultant. She is also the Executive Chairman of Integrative Learning Corporation (ILC) Singapore, an international consulting & management development group and ACE Seniors, a social enterprise with the mission of empowering 50+ years old and enabling them to remain relevant and a source of inspiration for their community.

Prior to leading Integrative, she was the Executive Director of the Singapore Council of Social Service and Community Chest of Singapore and CEO of Tsao Foundation.

She is adjunct lecturer for SUSS and NUS Business School; designing and teaching social leadership, social innovation, social enterprises and CSR, fundraising and philanthropy for the Master in Nonprofit Management, Master of Community and Social Leadership, and NUS-MBA Programme.

Bee Wan graduated with a Ph.D. from the National University of Singapore and Master of Social Work from the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee, USA. Her Ph.D. dissertation is titled, “Research Study on the Trends and Patterns of Corporate Giving to Charities in Singapore”.



Usha Menon Management Consultancy works with nonprofit and social purpose organisations in Asia to strengthen skills, abilities, processes and resources. They provide client-focused consultancy and training in Management, Leadership Development, and Fundraising & Philanthropy. They are a global consultancy with a focus on for-impact organisations in Asia.

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