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Social Leadership Singapore


Learn how to be an effective and dynamic agent of change that can exercise leadership and mobilize people and resources, tackling important social challenges facing local communities and the nation.

Date & Time: May to June 2023 across 7 days
Session 1: 29-31 May 2023

Session 2: 8 & 9 June 2023
Session 3: 6 & 7 July 2023


Venue: Face-to-face

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  • Led by Dr Dean Williams, President of The Leader’s Compass, former professor at Harvard and Director of the Global
    Change Agent Program and author of Real Leadership and Leadership for a Fractured

  • Participate in a multi-dimensional learning experience that comprises workshops, personal breakthrough and collaborative action learning projects.

  • Be part of a 430 strong and growing alumni since 2009 from the government, private and social sector.

  • Limited sponsorship of up to 50% available for Singapore registered charities or social service agencies.



The purpose of Social Leadership Singapore program (SLS) is to develop people in the social sector and government to be effective and dynamic agents of change that can exercise leadership and mobilize people and resources to tackle important social challenges facing local communities and the nation. The programme is a four-month course that consists of 10 days of training combined with readings, assignments, and application projects.

The programme will be an opportunity for participants to think more deeply and systematically about the array of challenges that they face, the leadership strategies they employ, and the processes needed for mission fulfillment and the orchestration of meaningful change.

SLS has run in Singapore since 2009, and the program has been in great demand with more than 430 alumni. It has been evaluated every year and consistently rated highly, relevant, and extremely useful.


  1. To develop a group of action-oriented leaders who are committed to strengthening the social and cultural fabric of society and making an extraordinary difference to the well-being of the nation.

  2. Impart valuable strategies and tools on how to intervene to harness resources and mobilize people to face demanding adaptive challenges and accomplish desired aims.

  3. Help participants reflect on their current leadership performance, and develop new and more powerful ways of exercising leadership as it pertains to managing their organizations, mobilizing volunteers, and generating desired results.

  4. Enhance the participants’ capacity to diagnose, frame and provide leadership for the different kinds of adaptive challenges that must be addressed, such as the development challenge, transition challenge, maintenance challenge, creative challenge, activist challenge, and crisis challenge.

  5. Develop a deeper grasp of the complexity and interdependence of all parts of society as it pertains to their area of concern and contribution.

  6. Increase the capacity for cross-sector collaboration and support.

  7. Develop a greater self-awareness of how personal values, philosophies, biases and self-knowledge influence one’s leadership style and approach, and determine what in one’s style and approach might need to be modified or changed.



Participants will learn an important methodology and leadership framework developed by Dean Williams and his colleagues at Harvard. This framework focuses on being a dynamic change agent to address “adaptive challenges” and using power creatively to engage diverse groups in problem solving, innovation, and implementation on behalf of meaningful objectives.


The program framework has been enhanced and made more relevant by a decade of teaching and application in the Singapore context.


Positions of responsibility in NPOs, the public service, community organisations, and companies interested in corporate social responsibility. They should be people who are passionate about being a change agent, improving the quality of their leadership, and contributing to the social sector.


Fee Options
Course Fee
Standard Fee
*Sponsorship for Charities

All prices stated include prevailing GST.

*Up to 50% limited sponsorship available for Singapore registered charities / social service agencies.


Session 1: Real Leadership for Adaptive Challenges, 29-31 May 2023
Session 2: Leading at the Frontier, 8-9 June 2023
Session 3: Leadership, Wisdom and Action, 6-7 July 2023


Dr Dean Williams is the author of two popular books:

  1. Real Leadership: Helping People and Organizations Face Their Toughest Challenges, and

  2. Leadership for a Fractured World: How to Cross Boundaries, Build Bridges, and Lead Change.

Dean was a professor at Harvard University’s Kennedy School for 20 years, teaching courses on leadership and change, and was the recipient of numerous awards for outstanding teaching. He also directed the Global Change Agent program, and was a founding member of Harvard’s Center for Public Leadership.

Dr Dean Williams.png

Today he is president of The Leader’s Compass Pte. Ltd, an international consulting firm that is based in Singapore. Since 2006, he has run the popular leadership program, Social Leadership Singapore. He has served as an advisor to numerous companies and governments and has worked throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, and the United States.

He is currently writing a new book titled, The Renaissance Process: Lessons from the Italian Renaissance on How to Unleash the Divine Spark for Creativity and Transformation.



​THE LEADER'S COMPASS is a research and consultancy firm dedicated to the promotion of renaissance thinking and developing leaders and change agents to deal with the realities and possibilities of the 21st Century.

The world is a crazy place and corporations, governments, and communities struggle to adapt, respond, and innovate. Change agents are needed who can exercise leadership, cross boundaries, bust barriers, build bridges, and deliver on purposeful aspirations.

They bring the latest thinking on leadership from their research and teaching at Harvard and direct application in the field.

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